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Installation :- Floor Standing
Colour Name:-  White
Battery Type :-Lithium
Energy Used :- Battery
Vacuum Bag Type :- Bagless
Product Length :- 128.6 Cm
Product Height :- 25.6 Cm
Product Width/Depth :- 21.4 Cm
Wattage :- 400 W
Model Number  :- BHR6186EN
Model Name:-  Xiaomi Vacuum Cleaner G9 Plus

Xiaomi Vacuum Cleaner G9 Plus, 120AW strong suction | 60min long battery | Five-stage Filtration System|Easy-to-empty Design|Anti-Tangling Multi Brush|Multi-cyclone separation Powerful suction 100,000 rpm high-speed motor 120AW strong suction

Powerful suction 100,000 rpm high-speed motor, 120AW strong suction
Five-stage filtration system , high-efficiency separation
Anti-tangling multi brush reduce hair tangles, say goodbye to tangled up hair
Long battery life life 60min long battery life, easily cover large spaces
Easy-to-empty design, removable dust cup, convenient and easy to clean
High-speed digital brushless motor, easily absorb dust and hair

A multifunctional machine for deep dust removal in multiple settings

Powerful suction with a maximum of 120AW Reliable cleaning power for rapid dust removal
Equipped with a high-speed digital motor, the suction power can reach a maximum of 120AW, easily sucking up fine dust, crumbs, pet hair and other dirt on the floor, and providing reliable suction assurance for everyday cleaning.
High-speed digital motor with a maximum of RPM*
All-new 2-in-1 functional brush head set
Satisfying your home dust removal needs
High torque floor brush with a large diameter Excellent cleaning for both soft and hard floors
The built-in high-performance independent electric motor can deep-clean living room carpets and gaps between floorboards in conjunction with the V-shaped brush. The unique castor wheel design better helps the vacuum cleaner move smoothly across carpets, increasing cleaning efficiency.Roller brush with anti-hair entanglement design Reduces entanglement of hair in the brush headSupports 3-gear mode adjustment for high-efficiency cleaning of everyday dirt

Eco Mode
Extra-long battery life · Everyday cleaning
Standard Mode
Lightning-fast dust removal · Removes stubborn dirt

Power Mode
Powerful suction · Higher efficiency
Power mite removal brush Removes skin mites and dander from the outside in
The specialised mite removal brush can effectively suck up dust mites and dander from deep within bedding and sofas, keeping your home's microenvironment clean.
2-in-1 wand built for cleaning narrow areas"
The slender and flexible wand is designed for narrow openings and cramped areas, easily handling cleaning blind spots in the home, whilst also being suitable for cleaning in the car.
12-cone cyclonic separation system High-efficiency dust-air separation gives smooth air flow
Equipped with a 12-cone cyclonic separation system, which generates a strong centrifugal force through cyclonic airflow, effectively sending large particulate matter down to the bottom of the dust cup, which keeps the air flowing smoothly while further increasing the efficiency of filter usage.
Catches 99.9%* of fine dust 5-stage filter prevents secondary contamination
The machine uses a 5-stage refined filter system, which can effectively lock in particulate matter as small as 0.3μm, with purification efficiency as high as 99.9% for the machine as a whole.
Extra-long battery life Easily handles cleaning large homes
The built-in 2500mAh high-capacity battery*, making everyday use a breeze.
When using the two-in-one wand and adjusted to energy-saving mode, the battery discharge time is ≥ 60 minutes.
When using the floor brush and adjusted to energy-saving mode, the battery discharge time is ≥ 35 minutes.
Equipped with a 600ml extra-large dust cup, making it unnecessary to frequently empty out dirt while cleaning. With the one-touch release button, you can remove the dust cup for convenient washing and keep the dust cup clean.
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