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  • 65 inches, Enjoy everything you want in a big way
  • RAM 2GB DDR & Flash storage 16GB
  • 20W speakers Dolby+ DTS-HD
  • Android TV + Google Assistant
  • 4K HDR Resolution:3840 x 2160
  • Warranty Period : 1 Year
Xiaomi Mi LED TV 4S 65" 4K UltraHD Smart TV Android OS

65 inches - 4K HDR resolution - Wi-Fi - Bluetooth 4.2 - Ethernet - Chromecast Included - With Google Assistant - 12 button remote control - Android TV

The new Xiaomi Mi LED TV 4S V53R 65" 4K UltraHD Smart TV Android OS is the model you've been waiting for. A great TV from Xiaomi's new range of TVs. It's an innovative TV with great image quality in 4K UltraHD, one of the most advanced audiovisual qualities of the moment. You will be able to enjoy everything you like in a big way, with a spectacular image quality designed for your enjoyment.

Xiaomi Tv 65 inches, one of the most advanced televisions of the moment

Each product launched by the Chinese brand makes a difference in terms of innovation, utility, and integration with other devices. Xiaomi TV comes to change the smart experience and TV consumption. The brand presents us with a new experience and use of our television, with seamless web browsing and smart use of our TV. In addition, it offers the best price for you to enjoy one of the most important televisions of the moment, designed for all those who love audiovisual content whether your favorite series or your video games.

A huge size with a great resolution

The new Xiaomi Mi TV 4S V53R 65 inches is one of the largest televisions of the Chinese brand. It has one of the most interesting resolutions, with a size of 65 inches, being one of the most interesting to be able to see everything you want, enjoying it a lot. Also, the new Xiaomi TV has one of the 4K HDR resolutions, which provides great clarity and you can enjoy your favorite movies in a way more adapted to you.

Total connectivity with your phone and everything you want

Another of the most interesting features of the new Xiaomi Tv 65 inches 4K is that it can be connected to anything you want. Thanks to this, you can connect your new TV to everything you want thanks to its Wi-Fi connection, high-speed Ethernet connection and Bluetooth v4.2. It also has easy connection with Google Assistant and has Chromecast integrated so you can connect it to your mobile in a very simple way. You can play your mobile games on your TV!

High quality remote control for total control

Another big improvement of the new Xiaomi Tv is its high quality remote control. Designed for use in all situations, this new controller has 12 buttons so you can easily use it for whatever you're looking for, whether it's surfing the internet or watching TV without any problems. It also has voice control so you can use it in all situations and easily search for what you need through its microphone. One of the televisions that will revolutionize the world is already at PowerPlanetOnline, are you going to miss it?

Features Xiaomi Mi LED TV 4S V53R 65" 4K UltraHD Smart TV Android OS:

  • 65 inches, one of the most powerful and interesting resolutions of the moment, so you can enjoy everything you want on the big screen.
  • 4K HDR resolution, one of the resolutions that offer great clarity and you can enjoy your favorite movies in a way that is more adapted to you.
  • Total connectivity, thanks to its Wi-Fi, Ethernet and Bluetooth, you can be fully connected to everything you want. It also has fast and easy connections with Chromecast, Google Assistant and everything else you want.
  • High quality remote control, with only 12 buttons and that allows you to use the television in a total way. 
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