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  • MEEM Android (Micro USB) 64GB  Cable
  • The Charger that Automatically Backs Up your Phone or Tablet on to the Cable
  • MFi Approved
  • Size : 64 GB

MEEM makes protecting your data and safeguarding your memories effortless by automatically backing up your photos, videos and other personal files every time you charge your smartphone or tablet.

You can even backup your devices over Wi-Fi and view all of your data on your computer.

It means you’ll never lose data if your device is lost, stolen or damaged, - and with your files being 100 percent visible and transferable across iOS and Android, switching or upgrading devices has never been easier.

Each cable protects up to three devices.

Model Number: 64ANDMEEMLOR20153

Barcode: 815464020262

Save all your Photos, Videos, Contacts, Calendars and more!!

This incredible cable securely saves all your data to the cable every time you charge your phone or tablet!! The MEEM Cable backs up all your important data like:

MEEM’s Automatic Backup:

  • MEEM works by automatically backing up your phone to the cable’s built-in memory every time you charge your phone.  
  • MEEM is designed to make your life simple and give you peace of mind by knowing that your memories are backed up and under your control on the cable.
  • MEEM is also completely secure and encrypted so none of your data can ever be accessed, except by you.

How it Works:

  • MEEM works with Android devices and quickly saves new data onto the cable every time you connect. The app allows you to easily select which categories you want to backup.
  • MEEM also lets you free up space on your phone by saving data to the cable and deleting it from your phone, so there are no moments missed.
  • You can view all your saved items individually in the MEEM app.

Product Option:

  •  20,000 photos, 9 hours of video, contacts, calendars, and documents. 64GBCompatability


For users of Android devices with a USB Type C connector, the MEEM cable can be used with your device with an approved SYNC and CHARGING Micro USB To USB Type C ADAPTOR (not included).

Please ensure your device is compatible. Phone not included.

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